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Surprise Findings Revealed By Funeral Market Study Making UK Seniors Rush To Protect Their Loved Ones

By Joanne Godspeed | Last updated 31/12/2020

Throughout our lives we prepare for many things. We try and make plans for our studies, holidays, marriages and careers. But there's one important matter that most of us forget to plan for, which is sadly certain to come and cannot be avoided...


A recent study by YouGov found that only 6% of UK adults have made any financial preparations for their funerals.

This is in contrast to many other European nations where end-of-life planning is standard. In the Netherlands, 70% of people have financial plans in place for their funerals, while 20 million Spaniards have funeral insurance policies in place for that necessary peace of mind.

This lack of planning creates potential problems for many families and loved ones in the UK.

Because when the time comes and planning is no longer an option, many families are having to borrow or ask for donations to pay for the funeral costs. Some of these families end up burdened with years of debt because of all the costs involved in a funeral. As one of the biggest scandals in recent years, the unregulated funeral industry has been exploiting this for decades because they know they can charge families any price they want at a stressful and difficult time. As a result, their rates have been growing excessively over the years.

In fact, the average total cost of dying in the UK has reached an astronomical £9,204 per person, having increased 122% over the past 15 years, according to the 2018 SunLife Cost of Dying Report. Many families are suprised at such a high average cost of a funeral and how steeply.

However, the good news is that all these unbelievably high costs can be easily avoided.

How? By taking out an affordable life insurance policy. Not only it is a lot cheaper, but it is also easier and faster to arrange than you might think.

Would you like to protect your loved ones against expensive and rising funeral costs? It's certainly worth it because it's so important.

By not taking care of this in advance, serious financial consequences and unnecessary additional stress would be inflicted upon your grieving loved ones at an already difficult and stressful time.

On the other hand, senior life or funeral policies offer tax-free payouts, premiums that never increase over time and benefits that never decrease. With premiums as affordable as from only a few pence per day, it is one of the most affordable and smartest ways to leave a sum of money to your loved ones, rather than make them to take on an unnecessary debt to pay funeral and related costs....

With so many life insurance and funeral insurance options to choose from - how can we know which one to choose?

The sooner you take out the policy, the more beneficial the premium rates will be. So it is in really important to lock in an affordable premium level that won't grow over time.

In its 2019 CMA Funerals markets study, the UK government found that the price of essential elements of a funeral has increased twice as fast as inflation over the past 14 years. With proper insurance coverage, your relatives will be protected from this increasingly heavy burden.

Many people are starting to realise this and are now purchasing cost-effective funeral or life insurance plans that allow their beneficiaries to cover funeral costs, pay off debts or any other expenses.

Helpfully, no medical exams are required to qualify and acceptance is guaranteed for UK residents of all ages.

To find the best senior life insurance plan for your circumstances, simply follow these steps to avoid saddling your loved ones with an unnecessary financial burden when it's time to go.

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👉 2) On the following page, complete a quick and easy questionnaire, so that a free no-obligations custom quote can be prepared for you by award-winning FCA-authorised life insurance experts which could possibly save your loved ones many thousands of pounds.

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